Project  Penthouse | Amsterdam IJburgb
| New Construction Project “Jonas” | High-end Luxury Segment |

  • The customer will receive the shell of the apartment (this is the structure of the apartment and its walls in the first stage of construction) in 2022. Studio Dutch Delight created the entire new layout of the floorplan and design of the room in consultation with the customer.
  • This apartment has high ceilings, and we have made use of that. We have created a whole new second floor by means of a mezzanine. This makes the apartment a lot lighter, and makes it feel more spacious.
  • This apartment is part of a project for a large residential housing area and business complex called “Jonas” developed by Orange Architects. What is special about this project is that there is a vibrant community feeling, due to there being both public and communal areas.
  • The entrance area connects the residents and guests to other areas, such as offices, cafe’s and restaurants, a cinema, a library, a guesthouse and a common living room. During the day, the ground floor is open to the public. The residents of IJburg can drink coffee in the ‘living room’ or relax in ‘the forest’ at the back of the building. The rest of the building is only accessible to residents.
  • “Jonas” provides a healthy living environment, has an energy-efficient installation design and entails the sustainable use of materials, making Jonas a sustainability icon for IJburg.
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